Questionnaire médical eczéma

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Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases not only in America, but also all over the world.  There’s no clear cause attributed to it, although there are several causes for the symptoms to appear. Eczema is characterized by dry, red spots on the skin, which is very itchy. Most children overcome it when they become adults, but sometimes it persists into adulthood.

People who are suffering from it want it treated and cured permanently. Eczema treatment drugs are a multibillion dollar business. There are different kinds of over the counter drugs sold for this matter. The question is how effective they are and how long is the treatment going to last.

Self medication is very common nowadays. What makes this practice very inadvisable is that these over-the counter medicines might bring encouraging results at first; however, in most cases, the disease returns resistant to any previous medication. That’s why is so important to treat it correctly at first.

There are several kinds of eczema all requires different kinds of treatment.

One is Dyshidrotic eczema, which affects mostly women. Another kind is hand eczema. As the name implies, it only occurs in the hand. Numullar eczema, which is a common type, occurs in both sexes and it can appear at any age.

It’s important that you seek medical treatment from a doctor. Eczema, when left untreated or treated erroneously, can develop into a much more serious skin disease. Skin topical treatment such as ointments, creams and lotions will only be effective if they are the right one for that specific type of eczema.

Treating eczema is more than just looking at it and prescribing medicine. Our BayPointe dermatologists are highly experienced in dealing with this type of skin diseases. They are licensed practitioners and have trained hard to give you the benefits of an effective patient care.

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