BayPointe’s tips about skin diseases.

Skin disorders can appear at anytime. They start as red spots, rashes, tiny itchy blisters and as other forms of irritations. The causes are as varied as the symptoms, some of which, may have something to do with our diet, exposure to pollutants, the soap we use, skin care products we apply to our body, allergens in the surroundings, insect bites and more. Our skin’s natural conditions are also contributory factors to our skin diseases. Excessively dry or overly oily skins have also their own influencing factors in causing skin diseases.

We tend to self medicate because we don’t take skin diseases seriously.

Our tendency to self medicate is influenced by several factors:

  • Other people will recommend the drugs they’re using.

These drugs may be effective in treating their own skin diseases, but what works for them won’t necessarily work for you. You have to personally see a dermatologist  in order to get the right prescription.

  • The ads are very convincing in presenting the products

Ads can be very convincing. However, you have to read the disclaimers.

  • Home remedies are tried and tested.

There are many home remedies suggested for almost all kinds of skin diseases. However, be very careful! Bacteria and viruses are immune to vinegar and garlic.

  • The skin disease isn’t that serious

Sometimes we take our skin issues for granted . Somebody will tell us that he/she had that same kind of problem before and that it was nothing serious. This can be deceiving since there are skin diseases that look similar at their onset but may develop into something different as they progress.

When our self medication doesn’t work and the condition worsens, that’s usually when we decide to go and see a doctor. Often the skin diseases are treated successfully, but sometimes there are remaining scars. Removing the scars will entail additional expenses, especially when laser treatment is required.

We encourage you to always see your dermatologist regarding your skin problems ASAP. Especially when the skin disease is on the face. Any scarring will clearly show. It’s also more expensive treating the face area compared to other parts of the body.

Treating skin diseases requires more than ocular inspection. Sensitivity test is required to determine which drug works better for each disease. In most cases, the doctor knows it by their long experience and training. There are various symptoms for different skin diseases. The doctors are able to identify them because they studied it, encountered regularly and have successfully treated previous cases.

You are welcome to visit us at our BayPoint Skin Clinic. If you’re looking for the most experienced and expert dermatologists in the Fort Lauderdale area, they’re waiting for you here. Our goal is the satisfaction of our patients.