Kybella Miami

Despite diet and exercise, your double chin can be a stubborn area that doesn’t dissolve even with significant lifestyle changes. In today’s world of constant selfies and social media, many are bothered by the appearance of a double chin and choose to have their profile updated by their dermatologist with Kybella.

Kybella is the first FDA approved injectable of deoxycholic acid that is used to decrease the appearance of submental fat also called the double chin. Kybella is a quick and non-invasive injectable treatment that allows the fat cells to be destroyed. After the series of Kybella injections your body will reabsorb the fat naturally. Post treatment it is common to have temporary swelling, numbness, hardness in treatment area and inflammation under the chin. Treatment results may vary per patient, but each will notice a substantial change and enhanced profile over the weeks following their Kybella treatment sessions.

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