All treatments at our offices have been carefully picked to improve each condition without irritation. Our aestheticians have extra training and work with our doctor and physician assistant to make sure that the entire treatment works in unison. They are constantly getting trained on new techniques as well as new treatment protocols.Accent XL radio frequency treatments can create dramatic change in the appearance of cellulite without any downtime. Dual radio frequency technology is unique in that it provides controlled tissue heating to two separate depths. Simultaneous cooling is applied to make treatment more comfortable and protect the skin. Accent XL penetrates from 2 to 6 mm into the skin, reaching both fatty tissue and cellulite. Heating to these tissue depths improves circulation, initiates a breakdown of fibrous tissue, promotes the re-absorption and drainage of retained fluids and toxins. Accent provides long lasting results in just a few quick treatments, and unlike other cellulite laser technologies, progress is immediately visible after each session. The ACCENT has been used in Europe and in other regions outside of the United States for many years with great success. The ACCENT also uses energy for body and facial contouring and skin tightening effects.If you are tired of acne then this treatment is for you. This pulsed light technology allows us to effectively reduces the red marks and pimple bumps caused by acne. This simple procedure precisely targets acne-causing bacteria that is deep in your skin. The intense light causes a chemical reactions that attacks, and destroys the bacteria at its source. Treatments are done weekly to biweekly to a total of 6 treatments. After 2-3 treatments you may notice immediate improvement in your red inflamed areas and you will be one step closer to a clearer complexion.BOTOX® Cosmetic is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the country and one of our most requested services. Quick, safe and effective, BOTOX® reduces or eliminates facial lines and wrinkles for up to 4 months with no downtime or surgery and little to no discomfort. Through a series of tiny injections, BOTOX® gives you a rejuvenated look by smoothing crow’s feet beneath the eyes, frown lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines across the forehead, worry lines around the mouth, and lines on the neck.BOTOX® has been used therapeutically for over 16 years for various medical conditions. Some uses have been for headaches, excessive underarm sweating, and neck pain. Here at Bay Pointe Dermatology, the use of BOTOX® had been used to treat excessive underarm sweating with success. The injecting of BOTOX® to the underarms helps control this condition by temporarily blocking the chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. As a result the glands do not get the chemical signals and stops producing sweat. This is a great temporary solution to your excessive underarm sweating.Everyone is talking about the new Dysport!! It is available here at Baypointe Dermatology. Dysport is the new FDA approved injection for treating facial lines and wrinkles. Dysport is similar to Botox, it is type A toxin derived from bacteria used to temporarily relax the forehead muscles as well as other muscles all over the face. Treatments are done every 3 to 4 months to maintain that fresh looking you!If you’re tired of your brown spots and imperfections we can help you get rid of them. Our light based treatments target the red and brown pigments on the areas of discoloration. The light is absorbed and helps break up the melanin that causes those discolored areas, then it will be carried away by the blood or bought to the surface of the skin and naturally exfoliates off. This light based procedure is virtually pain free. This treatment can be performed anywhere on the body. These treatments will improve the health and texture of the skin, decrease the appearance of aging, reverse the signs of sun damage, are long lasting. Three to six treatments are recommended two to four weeks apart for the most gradual and natural looking improvement.JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel is a smooth consistency gel capable of restoring volume to skin and smoothing away moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring complex sugar in the skin that helps add volume and hydration.

What are the Benefits of JUVÉDERM®.
JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus is for correcting deeper and more severe wrinkles and folds. JUVÉDERM Ultra is lighter therefore used for finer lines and wrinkles. This allows for a completely personalized treatment. The results make you look naturally younger and refreshed and can last up to one year. JUVÉDERM® is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler proven safe and effective for persons of color.JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC injectable gel is indicated for deep (subcutaneous and/or supraperiosteal) injection for cheek augmentation to correct age-related volume deficit in the mid-face in adults over the age of 21.

What is KYBELLA™?

KYBELLA™ is a prescription medicine used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin.” It is not known if KYBELLA™ is safe and effective for use outside of the submental area.

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If you are uncomfortable with surgical procedures for fresher, smoother, younger looking skin then this is the treatment for you. Laser 360 light treatment achieves a significant improvement with your skin’s color, tone, and texture. As a result you will have brighter, younger, more firming appearance, and healthier looking skin. This treatment will improve your skin tone with pulses of light that will reduce the appearance of blood vessels by breaking them down and allowing your bloodstream to carry them away by your body’s natural cleansing process. The light energy promotes deep healing reactions, stimulating the release of toxins and production of new collagen. The resurfacing technology will treat the fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and large pores by fractional skin resurfacing. The precise laser pulses will rid your face of the dead cells, promoting a new healthy regeneration of new tissue. An average of 3 to 6 treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results. Treatments are done 2 to 4 weeks apart.The Comfortable Way
to Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair

A revolution is underway, for body hair removal that is virtually painless. The Pain-Free, Hair-Free™ treatment, offered by spas and physicians around the world, can now free you from daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing to give you silky smooth and beautifully bare skin.

Pain-Free, Hair-Free is the next-generation of laser hair removal. It’s an effective and permanent hair reduction solution that is simple and easy. It takes cutting-edge medical laser technology and combines it with the comfort and convenience of a trip to the spa. In fact, Pain-Free, Hair-Free uses new breakthrough technology that has been described as one of the most comfortable laser hair removal options available.

pain_free_logoFractional Repair is a semi-ablative procedure that is based upon the skin’s own healing purpose. Microscopic laser “wounds” are spaced evenly across the treated skin. The deeper layer of skin is stimulated by the Laser energy to renew and repair. Fractional Repair reaches deeper into the skin because it produces more effective wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation. This advanced laser system delivers high precision microbeams of laser energy into the skin to smooth out fine lines wrinkles scars remove brown spots and other irregularities and tighten the skin. As the formation of new collagen continues to improve over time most patients will see significant improvement in the appearance of sunspots fine lines wrinkles and acne scarring with a fresher more youthful skin tone and texture.We like to use Radiesse for long term applications such as plumping up deep lines, hollows and acne scars. Correction is obtained immediately following the injection. Results may last for one year or longer in some situations.
The treatment is performed by injecting Restylane under your skin. Since no pre-test is needed your procedure can usually be done in less than one hour. Many patients like the added comfort provided when we apply an anesthetic cream while others prefer an anesthetic block. This makes the treatment relatively painless.

Depending on the area treated most folds and wrinkles require one treatment. The repeat maintenance treatment is not usually required for approximately 6 months or longer. By experience these products last almost twice as long as regular collagen injections.

The great thing about Restylane is that you can replenish your natural beauty whenever you feel the need.Sculptra is an injectable product that is intended to restore and correct the signs of facial fat loss. Sculptra is not made from human or animal sources and does not require a skin test. Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid a synthetic product. Poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) is biocompatible (does not harm the body) and biodegradable (able to be broken down by the body).

Sculptra is effective when used to fill wrinkles and furrows. It makes the skin appear smoother and firmer enabling it to resemble its previous elasticity. Sculptra provides an increase in the skin thickness of the areas where volume (fat) has been lost helping to restore fullness to the face for a more natural appearance.Ulthera is the only non-invasive procedure FDA-approved to lift skin on the brow, neck and under the chin, it is an ultrasound that stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin deep within the skin, it is a non-surgically lift and tightens skin tissue with no downtime. Ultherapy bypasses the surface of the skin, delivering focused ultrasound energy at just the right depth below the skin, to the same foundational layer typically addressed in a surgical facelift; the response is to stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen and elastin.