Here at BayPointe Dermatology we know your visit is an important part of your skincare regimen.

Many of us only go and see a dermatologist when we suffer from a skin condition. But even if you have beautiful skin, it is important to have a regular consultation with a dermatologist in order to ensure that your skin stays healthy. We are advised to see our dentist regularly and have a regular check up with our family physician. Skincare should be viewed the same way. Having a regular check up is part of keeping your skin in beautiful condition.

Aside from a regular visit to a dermatologist, there is a lot we can do to take better care of our skin. Our skin is affected by the food we eat, pollution, the chemicals in beauty products, our lifestyle and much more. Anyone of these can have a negative effect on our skin. Wondering what you can do to help keep your skin healthy?

Here are some tips that we at Bay Pointe would like to share with you:

  1. Don’t stay out in the sun for too long, even if you are using sun block.
  2. There is a misconception that when it’s cloudy outside you don’t have to be concerned about sun exposure. It might not be hot outside, but the UV rays are just as strong. Take proper precaution even on overcast days.
  3. Drink the required 8 glasses of water everyday.  Water hydrates the skin, keeping it healthy and able to function properly.
  4. Eat fruits that are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent wrinkles, delay aging, cure skin disease, and more.
  5. Our skin needs a lot of Vitamin C. The ascorbic acid in Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen in the skin. It is also believed to fight the effects of UV rays on our skin tissue.
  6. Eat only organic foods.
  7. Avoid alcohol.
  8. Don’t smoke.
  9. Get enough sleep.
  10. Exercise.

Following these tips and seeing your dermatologist on a regular basis will significantly help in improving your skin’s texture and appearance.

If you want to be sure that you have a dedicated and qualified dermatologist, come see us at the BayPointe Dermatology Clinic.