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BayPointe delivers faster treatment results

The people behind BayPointe are working hard to be number one in Florida. Our dedication to our job has not been lost to our growing number of clients. It has given us an edge in customer service, which our clients find to their great satisfaction. We know how much you love your skin and how much you want it to appear smooth and flawless all the time, free from any blemish, and always attractive.  We feel the same, and that’s why we employ only highly trained and experienced dermatologists.

Our skin is exposed to all kinds of everyday conditions, many of which, are harmful to it. Pollution isn’t only harmful to our skin, but also to our hair and nails. We go through our daily lives exposing ourselves to a lot of harmful things around us. By the end of the day, many of us just go directly to bed without removing the dirt that clings to our skin; and that’s when disaster strikes!

Suddenly some redness, itchy patches, swellings and inflammation start to appear in the skin. We often don’t mind them, believing they’re just temporary . However, virus and bacterium are a very hardy lot. They won’t just disappear if you don’t do anything about them. Washing your skin with soap and water may help to prevent, but many of these harmful microbes are soap resistant once they start their infectious cycle, meaning they have already embedded themselves into your skin. Washing them before they become infectious will kill them easily, but not after. They later develop into acne, athlete’s foot, ringworm and some instances into skin cancer.

The tendency to self medicate is very strong.   You should know when to stop treating yourself and see a dermatologist.  Our dermatologist doesn’t advocate self medication.

Most patients have second thoughts about seeing dermatologists because of the high expenses involved. However, this is where we separate ourselves from others. BayPointe offers very affordable skin treatment and yet provides very tangible results.

Our dermatologists employs the most advance diagnostic technique and the latest equipment to analyze what kind of medicine to use. We use scientific approach to ensure that the medicine will improve your skin condition in just a short time.

We always make it a point that the first medicine we prescribe delivers the desired results immediately. We want to avoid any resistant strains from forming.

Contact us immediately at BayPointe for the early and effective resolution of your skin, hair and nail problems. We guarantee the quickest and most effective results.