We treat both, serious and simple skin conditions.

If you have skin problems that require professional attention, BayPointe is always ready at your service. We believe in providing high quality treatment at the most affordable rates. You will find our clinic very comfortable, clean and hi-tech. You will love the people working with us, from the doctors to the attendants and receptionists. Everyone works as a team. You will feel relax and will certainly enjoy the ambiance of the place.

What are you noticing on your face every time you applying some make-up? Are you happy with your appearance? How about your legs, thighs, neck, arms and other exposed parts of your body? Can you wear shorts, sleeveless clothes and bathing suits without feeling insecure? We can do a lot to help you to feel confident.

You will never know what you’re missing unless you submit yourself for a skin check-up. Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It gives us our distinctive general physical appearance. Perhaps you have a smooth, glowing skin that looks very healthy, but if not, there’s a lot of things that a dermatologist can do to help you achieve that.

Do you have excessive body hair? Do you have a lot of skin discolorations, scars and freckles? Our dermatologists don’t just treat skin diseases. They are beauty enhancers bringing the best of your skin by keeping it looking young and free from blemishes and wrinkles.

We, at BayPointe, provide much more than what beauty shops or boutiques can offer. We are not beauty technicians, we are doctors!  We are a team of licensed practitioners, who are specialized in skin, nail and hair therapy. While beauty shops and boutiques deal with skin surface, we go beyond it.

What is on the skin’s surface may be just symptomatic to what is happening with the body in general; therefore, if we find rashes, redness, or other skin irregularities on the surface, there’s a chance that it’s more than what we see. The condition may manifest on the skin surface, but it may have a more serious onset. We call these skin diseases systemic in origin. If, after we give a thorough checkup and a diagnostic examination, we find patients with any sort of conditions beyond our scope of abilities, we will refer them to proper specialists.

Some of these systemic skin infections includes, Parkinson’s disease. The symptoms are flaking skin or seborrheic dermatitis, dry skin and skin cancer. Other systemic conditions are Paget’s disease, Pemphigus Vulgaris, Erythema Nodusom, HIV, among others. Only highly trained and experienced dermatologists can diagnose these diseases using the latest clinical diagnosis knowledge and technology, in which we have at BayPointe.

For the usual dandruffs, ingrown, acne, pimples, excessive body hair and other skin conditions, our dermatologist Miami will see to it that none of these will bother your skin in any way, any longer. We have the unmatched skill and expertise to treat both, simple and advanced skin diseases.  You can count on us to provide you with quick and perfect remedy with anything that may afflict your skin.