PrecisionMD-Vivatia-Level-2BayPointe Dermatology will treat those sunburns effectively without scarring

Getting sunburn is one of the side effects of swimming under the intense heat of the sun. If you’re using a weak sun block or you forget to reapply it, you will definitely get more than the suntan that you’re wishing for. Sunburn can affect all parts of the body which are fully exposed to the sun such as your nose, forehead, cheeks, shoulders, back, and so on.

The symptoms include redness of the affected area, skin blisters and the appearance of skin inflammations, leaving skin sensitive to touch. Miami is surrounded by beautiful beaches and it’s easy to get carried away without thinking of the consequences afterwards.

Our skin is sensitive to three S’s: salt, sun and sand.  Taking a bath after a nice day spent at the beach may remove most of the sand and the salt, but the effect of the sun’s UV rays remains in full force. Sunburn in small amount may not warrant a visit to your dermatologist. However, when a large portion of your body has been impacted by sunburn, you should submit to treatment right away before any complication set in.

There are several ways to treat sunburn using home remedies, but there’s a limit to what they can do, therefore, it’s difficult to suggest any. Home Remedies may be effective for a simple case of sunburn, but when the affected area is widespread, the tendency for a full blown skin complication to set in is highly possible. Don’t wait until you become sick and the pain becomes unbearable.

You may feel weak and even experiment a feeling of nausea and vomiting. Don’t wait for complications to happen! Before any of these symptoms begin to manifest themselves, visit us immediately at the BayPointe Dermatology clinic.

You’ll be better off with our Miami Dermatologist taking care of you than putting all those home remedies concoction on your body. They are effective only, as I said before, when the sunburn is superficial. You don’t want possible rashes and pustules to leave scars on your face, back, shoulders, arms and legs for good. It’s always to your great advantage if you let our specialists handle it. They’re highly experienced when it comes to treating all kinds of skin conditions, sunburns included. Our skin is very receptive to treatment if done properly. Skin is the most exposed of all our body organs and the biggest as well. Any blemishes affecting it can easily be seen, especially if it happens to be in the face area. Sunburn is very easy for our dermatologist Miami to treat. Visit us for professional evaluation and treatment. We have the appropriate treatment for all types of skin diseases.