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BayPointe has your skin as our main concern

Although summer is almost over, your skin may still show some remnants of the rashes and bug bites. Some of these skin conditions are not dangerous, but if the symptoms persist, it’s always advisable to have them treated by a licensed dermatologist. The location of the rashes or bug bites is very important. If they are found in the face area, I’d advise for a professional treatment. Facial skin is the most sensitive area of the body and it’s also the most exposed. Any facial skin blemish is very noticeable no matter how small they are.

Summer camps are where bug bites and plant skin poisoning occurs. Our children go around exploring the campsites and  as they explore, they are subjected to rashes and bites. It’s not only the mosquitoes you should watch out for, the bees and the wasps are even worse. Using insect repellents may discourage some species, but there are those that will bite you regardless of the preventive methods you consider.

If you get bitten or contaminated with plant spores, washing the affected area will help in alleviating the poisonous effect and in easing up the pain somewhat. Make sure you don’t scratch the bitten part, to avoid bleeding and infection.

If after three days the situation doesn’t improve, it’s advisable to have it examined by a specialist. Not just any kind of doctor though; each doctor has their own field of specialization. It’s a dermatologist job to treat skin diseases.

Dermatologists have a especial way of isolating toxins, virus, fungus and other microorganisms that can cause skin diseases. They take samples of  the wounds and apply different drugs to each one of them, so in a short period of time, they’ll know what is the most effective drug for each case.

This is not the end of it. The scar has to be treated as well if there’s a formation. Don’t worry about it! Scars are usually part of wounds. To ensure that your skin will get the nourishment it needs to return to its original state, your dermatologist will prescribe you whatever is necessary.

Our BayPointe practitioners are very careful when it comes to skin medication. We always go for organic medicines. These are the safest and most effective in safeguarding your skin’s health. Our experience and training have taught us a lot about how to give your skin the best care and protection.

It’s not enough that we prescribe medicines; we take into consideration the long term effect.  Our first priority is to keep your skin complexion in perfect and flawless condition. Call us today if you have persisting skin condition that’s giving you problems and sleepless nights.