Let BayPointe Dermatology Permanently Remove Unwanted Body Hair

Many men and women are plagued with unwanted body hair. The market is filled with a variety of products that remove unsightly hair, from affordable creams and razors to more extensive treatment plans. Learn more about different hair removal methods and their pros and cons and see which one will best work for you.

Razors are the most common and convenient way to remove unwanted hair. They have the advantage of being affordable and easy to use. Unfortunately shaving with a razor is a very temporary solution. Some people need to shave every day to keep their skin smooth. Also, shaving is notorious for causing cuts and folliculitis or infection of the hair follicles, which can be quite unsightly especially if on the face.

Because of the temporary fix razors give, creams were developed to dissolve unwanted hair. Like razors, they’re also convenient and easy to use. While hair removal creams work for some people, they can cause allergies, dark pigmentations and skin irritation (This method is not recommended for those who have sensitive skin). Like shaving, creams are temporary solutions and hair eventually grows back.

Threading is another way to remove unwanted hair, especially facial hair. Hair is cut off using thread that is pulled tautly and then crisscrossed across the skin. Unlike other methods, threading rarely causes ingrown hairs or allergies. However, this method is not very popular because of the pain it causes. Also, one needs to be skilled in threading in order to effectively and efficiently remove unwanted hair. This procedure is popularly done is spas and salons where trained professionals can safely do this procedure.

Waxing is another popular way of removing unwanted body hair, particularly in the legs and bikini area. Because hair is pulled from the roots, hair takes a longer time to regrow. However, waxing can be quite painful and may cause dark skin pigmentations and ingrown hairs. It is also not advised for delicate skin, particularly in the face as constant pulling may cause the skin to become loose.

A permanent way to remove unwanted body hair is through laser removal. It does not cause allergies, ingrown hair or pigmentations. This method uses lasers which are absorbed by the dark pigments in the hair and hair follicles, causing them to disintegrate. After the initial sessions, fine hairs may still grow. However, they can be effective and permanently removed during the succeeding sessions. Laser removal costs considerably more than other conventional ways to remove hair, but the permanent results make it a very worthy investment.

If you are looking for a Dermatologist that can offer a permanent solution to unwanted body hair then visit BayPointe Dermatology clinic. We highly recommend our cutting-edge laser hair removal treatment. After a few sessions, you will be forever free from plucking, shaving and waxing.