Let BayPointe Dermatology Solve It

Acne is a common problem almost everyone can relate to. You may be in your teens, 20’s or even your forties and find yourself battling acne or acne scarring. The skincare industry has come out with virtually millions of products to combat this condition, but despite the numerous solutions on the market, some people are unable to achieve desired results.

To understand how to control acne, we need to look at how it develops. The root of this condition lies in excess oil production. Did you ever wonder why acne is most common in teenagers? It is because of hormones causing the sebaceous glands to produce a lot of oil. Sometimes these oil glands become clogged up. The oil inside eventually accumulates and form comedones, commonly known as white heads or black heads. The bacteria eventually infects these comedones causing inflammation and eventually pimples. Even though excessive oil production sometimes resolves once one gets through adolescence, some people will have persistent oily skin even when they are older.

Measures to control acne are targeted towards keeping oil production down, removing bacteria from the skin and controlling inflammation. Using a gentle cleanser two times a day to remove excess oil is enough for many people. However a common mistake is using the wrong kind of cleanser. Some soaps are harsh, leading to dry and irritated skin. It’s important to know what kind of cleanser is best for certain skin types. For more serious acne cases, over-the-counter medications such as benzoyl peroxide can help kill bacteria and remove excess oil. However, these medications can cause dry skin and irritation in some people. Other practical measures to minimize breakouts include diligently washing makeup off before bed, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, exercise and avoiding stress.

If acne persists despite a proper skin care regimen and healthy living, then you may need to visit a Dermatologist. Each person’s skin’s condition is different and treatment should be tailored accordingly. For some, acne may be caused by a hormonal imbalance causing skin cells and oil glands to go into overdrive. They are best treated with medications that can control these hormones and minimize outbreaks. Others may have sensitive skin and will need special cleansers and products that can control the oil and inflammation. Still others may benefit from exfoliation, topical antibiotics and other treatments that need the supervision of a dermatologist.

Acne may be a common problem, but you do not need to live with it. If you have an acne problem and are looking for a Dermatologist, visit our BayPointe Dermatology Clinic. Not only do we have state-of-the-art facilities, but our highly qualified staff will make sure you get the personalized treatment you need for beautiful skin.